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When we have created our first hypothesis of a business model and described it on a lean canvas, we have a state we call HYPOTHESIS ZERO. This is the first articulation of the model in its riskiest state – where we don’t yet have evidence to support it.

What do you do next? EXPERIMENT ZERO of course!


Here is a template for EXPERIMENT ZERO. You can create your own using our free template for EXPERIMENT DESIGN.

In these first customer interviews we are not asking customers what they think about a specific vision for the solution. We are just talking to them about the task they are trying to get done. When we create HYPOTHESIS ZERO we have written something specific in our CUSTOMER cell on the canvas and we have fitted that to a PROBLEM description that matches.

If you co and find a customer that matches the description and talk to them about the task you think they struggle with, surely they will talk about the PROBLEM without you prompting them?

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