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Why we do it

We believe that everyone has the potential to transform ideas into world changing businesses.

But it takes courage to feel comfortable with risk and uncertainty.

Having worked with startups for nearly a decade, we’ve seen time and time again that it’s this feeling that paralyses both entrepreneurs and large organisations when they should be acting.

We want to unblock this paralysis by sharing everything we have learned.

Their approach to working with clients, both big and small, to accelerate mobile innovation and injecting it with a Startup DNA mindset has been key to enabling a stronger test and learn approach

Lisa Bora


What we do

Pollenizer helps entrepreneurs and large companies all over the world grow successful businesses with Startup Science®.

We’re more than a consultancy. We partner with businesses to develop their culture into one which celebrates entrepreneurship so that innovation comes from within.

Our incubation programs, events, online courseware and expert coaching challenge people and businesses to take entrepreneurial leaps, all the while supported by the Startup Science® methodology, giving their ideas the best chance of success.

Pollenizer has authentically pursued repeatable ways of helping entrepreneurs build better companies. There are lots of accelerators out there today, but the Pollenizer team is one of the very few that is able to help teams understand the ‘HOW’ of building a successful company through its deep expertise and body of strong IP.”

Bill Bartee

Blackbird Ventures

How we do it

Our Startup Science® programs are the trigger for a new, entrepreneurial way of working. We use simple yet powerful tools to remove the barriers of excessive planning, and encourage action with the testing of assumptions.

Pollenizer mentors are in the trenches with you, from early beginnings right through to proving a scalable business model. And we help your teams remain focused, motivated and resilient.

We help build a culture of collaboration which encourages everyone to share their progress and problem solve together. Lessons are learned quickly, and momentum is maintained.

In the background, we measure the pace of innovation by tracking metrics that capture how fast teams are learning and gaining momentum, and how well our programs are delivering results for our clients.

It is rare to have a deep understanding of what drives both, an entrepreneur and a large organisation. It takes a lot of experiences to gather this kind of knowledge and I am always impressed to see what the Pollenizer team comes up with next.

Annie Parker

Co-Founder, Telstra - Muru-D

People we work with


One of the first things I learned working at Pollenizer was to ‘sell before you build’. Years on, old habits die hard. The process of inventing while selling, is nothing short of an art. Being resourceful, while demonstrating value you are yet to create. It’s...

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I sat down and had a chat with Damien Metcalf, Pollenizer’s Creative Director. He recently led Pollenizer’s rebrand, which launched earlier this year. In our conversation, Damien shared his thinking behind the rebranding process and the lessons he learned during this...

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