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This week, Bruno has flown into Barcelona with a team of scrum ninjas to work with Very Large Telephone Company, to implement Scrum across the company over a three month process. At Pollenizer, we are known for the agile way that we work. We are, shall we say,  fanatical about Scrum in our engineering teams but we generally love the whole concept of agile, iterative, lean, self-organising, hyper-productive ways of working across all of our teams. Read this even if you are not an engineer.

This post is for people that want to know where to start implementing Scrum in their business. Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber invented the Scrum software development process in 1993. I have dug out a couple of videos from Jeff and Ken that will provide the primer you need to get started. WARNING: It’s a couple of hours of video, but tightly packed with useful stuff.

If you basically understand Scrum, skip to the final video for the real gems. Otherwise, go through in order.

First: Read the Wikipedia article to get orientated.

Now, grab a cup of tea and watch Ken give a talk on the basics or Scrum and how it changes a software development process.

Finally, watch Jeff go one level deeper as he explains some of the finer points to Google engineers.

These are the methods we use in our projects and they are also the methods we can help you implement in your own projects. If you need some help, let us know.

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