Open positions at Pollenizer
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Pollenizer is hiring a Product/Project Manager

Pollenizer is looking to hire a Junior / Mid-weight Project/Product Manager.

Woohoo! Is that person you? See below.

The lucky winner will have to do stuff like:

  • Spend half of his/her day in Jira and/or wire framing cool products
  • Spend the other half in meetings and Skype calls / chats
  • Spend the third half doing another gazillion things

The profile we are after (in no specific order):

  • You know your web by heart (Facebook and the other birds)
  • You can appreciate a good UI / Product design
  • You can jabber English
  • You can eat in front of your screen juggling in between a sprint planning and a saturated inbox
  • You can run a Skype huddle under your blanky in your bed at 11pm
  • You have an entrepreneurial streak
  • You can tolerate French, Scottish and Ginger people
  • You can handle working while Kylie Minogue is playing on the stereo (in other words; you have a good headset – or you’re deaf)
  • You carry the fire

Things that are not required but a nice plus to have:

  • You can code a little (PHP and/or Ruby)
  • You know your way around Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign…
  • You have some practice with the AGILE methodology
  • You can speak Swahili and laugh at dads jokes (would make Mick and Andy happy)

Things we know you don’t know you know we know (huh?):

  • We are after a Junior or Mid-weight person. Meaning we don’t expect you to be a rock star at anything. It’s gonna be our job together to make sure you become one
  • We expect you to work hard and we will reward you for it
  • If you are coming from another planet you will need a visa (We don’t have time to take care of any sort of paperwork for you so it’s your job to organise something. If you can get a Working Holiday Visa then you can tick that one off.)

What we will give you:

  • A decent wage based on your hard work, profile and experience
  • Front line exposure to the vibrant startup community in Australia
  • A great office space (in Surry Hills) buzzing with startups and entrepreneurs
  • The chance to work with a team of web veterans
  • The ability to quickly get experience in all aspects of delivering a web project
  • We will make your Skype window look like a xmas tree

About Pollenizer:
Check out our website, read our tweets, come over to the office for a chat…

How to apply:
So if you’re still reading this you might want to apply.
Well that’s the easy bit, just shoot me an email ( and tell me what makes you tick. Include a resume, your past experience in similar roles and anything else that you think will make you the woman or man for the job!

We also have a position open for a Junior Web Designer and we are always on the look out for agile, obsessive and passionated developers in our Indian office :)

  • Chance

    Are there hot chicks there? If so, then yeah. You can hire me. As soon as I get off the no-fly list, we’re golden. Sorted.

  • Anonymous

    Bold move – “you are young” – surprised that’s even legal?!

  • legal advice

    Not sure if you guys are aware but specifying an age for a candidate in a job ad is not actually legal. You may want to change that….

  • Pierre

    How stupid is that… anyway since a few peeps have picked it up I will edit (then I can’t say anymore that this job offer is BS free… :( )
    Thx for pointing it out ;)

  • Tara Kaewsa-ard

    This is the first time that i really enjoyed reading the job description. uniquely creative lol

  • Phil Morle

    Work @ Pollenizer. If you dare.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow – what a sour aftertaste to an otherwise delicious job description. Disappointed in you @pollenizer :(

  • Mick Liubinskas

    I think Pierre was talking tongue-in-cheek about the rule, not the comment.

    Sorry you’re offended. Not the intention of course.

    As Pierre said, thanks for pointing it out.

  • Chance

    Dude, really? Neither the rule nor the comment (from the poster ‘legal advice’) were, and I’m quoting here… wait for it… “stupid.” What’s offensive is that you folks have had two chances to back away from a blatant (and kinda creepy) mistake, and you haven’t. You’ve only firmed it up with the “BS free” bit and your validation of the ‘rule’ as being ripe for tongue-in-cheek taunting.

    Would you have made that quip about a rule for the disabled? Or other races? Levity is excusable. Tripping over yourself while fake back-peddling away from it lacks form and substance.

    Um, good luck with that.

  • Anonymous

    @chance sums it up well

    and c’mon, the ‘sorry you’re offended’ non-apology?

  • Mick Liubinskas

    To clarify, I am sorry we said that and made the clear mistake.

  • Dave O’Flynn

    JIRA should be in all-caps. Careful, or Mike will come over and box your ears ;-)

    Well-written JD. Gave me a really clear understanding of what you’re after and your company culture.

  • Ted

    “Include a resume, your past experience in similar roles and anything else that you think will make you the man (or women) for the job!”

    Why is female both spelled wrong (plural) and only added as a parenthetical afterthought?

  • Mick Liubinskas

    Thanks, I agree.

  • Mick Liubinskas

    That was a typo and it’s been fixed. Sorry we made that mistake. Thanks for picking it up.

  • Greg Tarry

    Like the job ad.

  • Your name here…

    Hi there! Just looking to find out whether you’re still recruiting for this position. Cheers!