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This is a guest post by Leighton Wells from Runway Geelong. 


Geelong is transitioning, of this – there can be little doubt.

Transitions are of endings but they’re also of beginnings. It’s these beginnings and the possibility that they bring that are truly exciting.

Make no mistake, Geelong is a rapidly growing startup/new business economy and a community that is looking to offer its support to new ideas, new thinking and new startup businesses.

We’re encouraging workers of Ford to embrace the possibility that you can create something new, that getting a job isn’t the only option. We want people to know a startup business is a viable option.

At the bare minimum, coming along and attending Next Monday, being challenged about the options available to you – even if you don’t think there are any – offers you a path you might never have considered.

Your energy and experiences can be used to create something amazing.

The recent success of Geelong being granted a total $1.7 million from LaunchVic’s first round of funding is testament to the type of environment Geelong offers you – to test your ideas, no matter how “left field” they are.

This funding success was a huge vote of confidence that Geelong is doing the right thing with startup businesses.

  • There are peak business bodies and organisations looking to support you
  • There’s a council that recognises this changing economy and has programs to support this
  • The size of the city is such that as a test case, you can quickly determine whether your idea can work in a broader market

Taking your idea to the marketplace now – can be done with very little cost, and very little risk. We can introduce you to these skills, technologies and this type of thinking.

So, come along – be challenged, learn about what’s available to you.

Hear from people that have had the fear of bringing a business idea to life, have chosen that path and look back on that decision knowing it was the best decision they ever made.

See you there!

The Next Monday Team
Pollenizer // SPARK, Deakin University // Runway Geelong // Drugstore // The Hive, Australia Post

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