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This is a message to the innovation community of Australia.

Friends, we are on the bleeding edge of the disruptive wave. Those that know me, will know I am a ‘stubborn optimist’. It is very hard for people like me to imagine that the future is worse than the past.

You and me, we’re inventing the future at the speed of thought but disruption has a wake and I want to do what I can to minimise the destruction and I hope you can help.

On 5-6 December, Pollenizer is going to Geelong to work with a group of people who, until recently, worked at one of Ford’s plants in Victoria. We’d like to spend a couple of days imagining businesses that could be created and showing how they can be brought to life. We are calling the event Next Monday.

We’d love your help.


  • Please share this with your community in social media.
  • Do you know people from the car industry in Geelong that have been effected? Please encourage them to come along and bring a friend.
  • Are you in a media company and can you make lot’s of noise for us?
  • Can you make stuff? Come a long and work side-by-side with a founder to bring their idea to life. Designers, industrial designers, makers, software engineers.
  • Do you have a large space in Geelong that we can borrow for a couple of days? We have a space, but we may need something larger.
  • Are you a startup founder with an inspiring story to tell. We are especially excited to hear from founders who surprised their friends when they decided to start something of their own.
  • Do you have access to large busses or would like to fund them? We’ll need to bring people into Geelong from a few locations.
  • Do you make amazing food or are you open to funding the food and drink for a couple of days?
  • Are you from a big company and do you have jobs going around Geelong? Let us know an idea you would like us to explore and come mentor a team. You’ll be amazed what talent you can find here.
  • Do you have some cool prizes we can give way?
  • Do you have a way to support next steps for some of the ideas? A startup fund, an accelerator program that you can fast-track applications through, a company that could incubate an idea with a founder you discover at the event.
Let us know if you can help
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