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Nick Abrahams is a leading technology lawyer and a great mate. We co-founded Lawpath together and he is well known for his book: Digital Disruption in Australia: A Guide for Entrepreneurs, Investors & Corporates. Tuning into future trends is important to our work and we talk about it a lot. Yesterday he asked me what I was reading lately so I thought I would reply in public.

Hey Nick,

I focus my reading on trying to make sense of the future as it unfolds faster than ever. I am especially looking for unusual, unique and potentially valuable combinations.

As things come into Pollenizer’s world we tweet them. So worth following @pollenizer

Wait But Why is great for big ideas and understanding trends in a detailed but entertaining way. e.g. recently there was a breakdown of Elon Musk’s plans for Mars. Read from “If things go to plan, the Neil Armstrong of Mars will touch down about eight years from now.” and imagine the future.

I get quick tech news updates from

I use Flipboard and follow science themes as well as tech themes. I find tech blogging to be a bit of an echo-chamber but vital to stay on top of. The science gives me feeling for future trends.

Most of my deeper thinking comes from books. Here’s a few to get you started.

Hope that helps!



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