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Four Pollenizer businesses require co-founders. All businesses are very young and need gutsy entrepreneurs with the audacity to believe that they can pull off a global business with limited resources.

First you need to be interested in one of these opportunities:

  • Fitbit for Your House – collaborate with your social network to  use energy more effectively. This is a partnership with one of the Skype co-founders.
  • Social Powered Retail – using social networks to increase sales. Working across South East Asia and Australia.
  • 99Designs for Recruitment – crowdsourcing new hires. Working with ex-CEO of CareerOne.
  • SaaS for Coaches – CRM, session management and other tools for business coaches, consultants and mentors.

We need entrepreneurial people with the following special skills:

  • Engineers: Ruby/Rails or PHP/Cake engineers are a preference. We are happy to look at someone that can learn fast if you have great skills in other languages and platforms.
  • Product Managers: understanding the customer and expressing it as a product. Wireframes, pitching, prototyping are all part of the job.
  • Hustlers: Comfortable to get out of the building and sell.

One of these people will be the CEO of each business.

Our co-founders are paid a modest salary with great equity. You also get to work with extraordinary people in Australia’s oldest startup factory. We will train you in lean startup skills (if you don’t already have them) and mainline you into an amazing network of entrepreneurs and investors.

Apply here if you are interested in learning more.


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