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It was a sunny Monday morning 14th April 2008 when I strolled across the street to embark on what was my first day at Pollenizer. A couple of weeks earlier I’d met Phil at a neighbours BBQ, we talked about Pollenizer and he shared the pain he endured in setting up MYOB and that is where it all began.

In the early days I worked from home. Once a month very soon became once a week and when Pollenizer moved into the office in Foveaux Street I began venturing out of Hornsby and into the city to work along side the team. I was discovering the world of startups and I was curious to learn more.

After a few attempts Mick finally convinced me to say goodbye to MYOB, I moved the accounts into the cloud after being introduced to Sassu. This was the point of no return.

Mogeneration shared the office space with us, they were also growing and in need of an accounting solution and a bookkeeper. I had some spare time on my hands and took up the challenge of getting them setup and establishing their back office. Spreets was next, where I became known by Dean McEvoy as “The Mother” of Spreets. Since then I have established the back office for more than 20 startups.

I’ve been lucky to have worked with some truly amazing people, both in Sydney and across the globe, many of whom have become very dear friends.

I would never have dreamt that doing the payroll and raising a few invoices once a month would turn into what it has become today. I’ve worked on the legal due diligence for a Series A capital raise, administered an ESOP in a unit trust and built financial models for a complex global company of company builders. The latest project that we’ve just completed was taking the company  on the journey to convert from private to public whilst pulling off the first financial audit. Wow! an MBA could not have provided me with half the knowledge I have gained.

It’s a big year of anniversaries for me, not only do I celebrate 5 years at Pollenizer, I also celebrate 25 years of marriage in August to my husband Mark. In the last 5 years we have watched our daughter Emily and son Ed grow into wonderful adults, we are extremely proud of them both.

As I reflect on the last 5 years I’m deeply grateful to my family, my team and Phil & Mick for their continued belief in me and the support that they have all given me.

Without them I could not fly kites.



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