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I was very fortunate to be asked by some of our Telstra contacts to participate in a Hypotheticals session with Geoffrey Robertson last Monday.

My dad and I used to watch these on TV when I was young, so I was thrilled to be a part of it. It was pretty scary with no briefing, a live audience and an amazing panel of people.

CIO Forum Hypothetical Panel Photo

The panel included:

  1. David Thodey – Telstra CEO
  2. Jayne Hrdlicka, Jetstar Group Chief Executive Officer
  3. Alan Noble – Google
  4. Toby Ralph – marketing/propagandist
  5. Graeme Samuel – Greenhill MD
  6. Naomi Simson – Red Balloon
  7. Jennifer Westacott – Business Council Aust.
  8. Anna Bligh – former QLD premier
  9. Dr John Lee – Business Spectator China

And me…

The session was a part of the CIO Briefings and around a report that Telstra have published on growth and productivity. Well worth a read. Geoffrey used a company called “Clever Corp” and challenged us with economic, moral, health, leadership and legal issues.

It was a great event and I really enjoyed being a part of it.


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