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Pollenizer is a company builder. Our business model is to create new, global internet/mobile businesses and to exit them for profit.  With such a business model, it is helpful to know what is happening out there. Are companies being invested in? Are they being acquired? By who? Getting hold of this information is extremely difficult but I have pulled together various public sources which start to tell the story. They were hard to find, so here they are in one easy to find blog post.

Angel Deals (US skew)

Angellist has done more than anybody to bring transparency to early stage technology investing. They have single-handedly moved a super private activity into something that feels more like a marketplace which is driven by market forces of price and sentiment. Every time a deal is done on AngelList, they track it and they have now created a brilliant tool for exploring valuations. It is global but heavily skewed to the US. We need more people in Australia and Asia using it.

AngelList Valuations

Venture Deals (US)

Anyone familiar with the Silicon Valley venture community knows Wilson Sonsini. They have created a summary of venture deals from the past few years. It not only tracks the valuation changes of Series A- C deals, but also breaks down the kinds of deal terms in each deal.

Wilson Sonsini Venture Deal Summary

Australian M&A + Venture Deals

Nick Abrahams at Norton Rose has collected a large list of tech deals from 2011 to present. It is the most thorough collection that I have seen. Sadly most of the deal values are private but I have pulled out what I could into a spreadsheet for analysis

Norton Rose Summary of M&A

South East Asia Deals

This information is even harder to find. As we move further and further away from the US venture scene, the information gets harder to find. The closest reference I can find has been created by Terence at SGE/Tech in Asia in his Cheatsheet of Technology Startup Acquisitions.

Cheatsheet of Technology Startup Acquisitions

What kind of companies go MASSIVE?

Techcrunch just looked at the companies that are exiting for more than $100M. How long does it take them to get there? What’s their business model?

Techcrunch: Want to build a $1B consumer company?

Internet Deal Book will send you a regular email with the deal flow it sees. It is frequently updated.

Internet DealBook


My big takeout from this is that we all (in AsiaPac) need to start using Angel List to track our deals. Driving transparency into the market will make it better for everyone.

If you know any other great sources of data, please can you share in the comments for everyone’s benefit?


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