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Pollenizer events are getting bigger with significant milestones such as the launch of From Little Things events, the introduction of Pollenizer Academy and ongoing Lean Startup Bootcamps. We are constantly scouting for new people to come into Pollenizer and start fresh new businesses and join the team.

Following the success of May’s Startup bootcamp, we are anticipating as great a response for the upcoming event on the 9th of August. The event, which is nearing capacity, will have a mix of people so we are looking forward to creating dynamic groups which will make an impact on the night over all.

The purpose of the Bootcamp has always been to invite people in to explore different ideas, often the most interesting part is not the idea but the person behind the idea. It can be an essential part of co-investing, with out the right chemistry between both Pollenizer and the potential Co-founder.

On the night, attendees can expect to meet a wide range of people from various backgrounds. The night is extremely fast paced as there is a lot to get through. Each group will be provided with a Startup Bootcamp kit to enable them explore whatever idea is under discussion.

This is an opportunity to network and meet people with similar interests, it is also a great place to meet the Pollenizer Team and explore various options about coming on board and being part of the team. As mentioned every team will be supported with a bootcamp pack and there will be some refreshments served on the night. The night will be what you make it, and the more you bring to the table the better. Please direct any queries to and we look forward to meeting you on the night. Register for Bootcamp on our EVENTS PAGE.

Some shots from our last bootcamp 23 May..

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