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Tonight, I had the privilege of speaking to a crowd of startup-types at the WeTeachSydney: Startup and Business Speed Teaching event at Fishburners in Ultimo. My topic was “Lean Startup Methodologies” and the objective was to try and get across some key points within fifteen minutes. I sped quickly through some key definitions of what “lean” and “startup” actually mean in this context before giving even more speedy overviews of the five principles of The Lean Startup:

  1. Entrepreneurs are everywhere
  2. Entrepreneurship is management
  3. Validated learning
  4. Innovation accounting
  5. Build-Measure-Learn

The meat of my talk focussed specifically on the principle of “Build-Measure-Learn” – using a case study of one of our newest businesses – GetListed as a case study.

Check out the slides and the case study in it’s entirety here:

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