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Pollenizer Hive: 180 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills

Wednesday 23rd May / 6-9pm

If you are a startup person you should come to this.

We don’t care if you are a salesman, a coder, a hacker, a designer or a fork lift truck driver. You just need the fire in your belly.

Phil Morle and the Pollenizer team will host a lean bootcamp this coming Wednesday 23rd May from 6pm to 9pm at the Pollenizer Hive in Surry Hills. The session is targeted at entrepreneurs that want to co-found a web business with Pollenizer and for anyone with an interest in coming to work for Pollenizer or one of its portfolio companies.

Think of it as the baseball draft for startup entrepreneurs! Worst case scenario is that you learn a bunch of new stuff that will make you a better entrepreneur, but it is possible that we start a company with you or perhaps invite you to join one of our portfolio companies or startup pods.

We are building 10 new internet companies over the next year and we want you to help us.

If you think you have what it takes, come along!


Lean Product Managers: Lean Product Managers bridge the problem and solution spaces.You will work to uncover customer problems, identify those that the customer is willing to pay to solve, and then confirm that there are enough customers who share the problem to constitute a market. You’ll work with designers, user experience experts, and engineers to explore possible solutions to those problems. The ultimate goal is to find a solution that is technically feasible and to push it out to customers to test. At Pollenizer, Lean Product Managers are part of a business pod, dedicated to one startup business per trimester.

Platform Engineers: As a Platform Engineer you will create, analyze, test and improve products for the Pollenizer business. You’ll work closely with Lean Product Managers to deliver solutions and be accountable for the functionality of the product as it’s pushed out. You will put in place systems and processes, including those around unit testing, code quality, adherence to standards and more. You will be responsible for making sure that Pygg software is architecturally sound and has the ability to scale.

UI Designers: User Interface Engineer at Pollenizer  is the person who fills the gaps between Design, Information Architecture and Back-End Development. You will need to know all about  front-end technologies inside out and have a firm understanding of User Interface Design and Product Development. Also, you will be responsible for design deliverables for Pollenizer and the Portfolio businesses. You will work on everything from conceptual prototypes to turning photoshop designs into functioning websites. The ideal Pollenizer UI Designer is a nerdy all-rounder with an eye for detail.

Starting a Business with Pollenizer

Pollenizer is looking for ideas that can be transformed into disruptive, global businesses. We will invest up to $100K and provide a team to accelerate the early stages of the business.

For those that want to co-found a business with Pollenizer, please send a slide deck in this format to We will explore it during the workshop.

Companies Needing Team Members

Pygg: We are on the lookout for fresh talent who want to get their hands dirty in the even dirtier world of finance! Pygg is a social payment gateway for peer-to-peer payments over the internet. We are sitting on a very exciting space that is ripe for disruption. Pygg is looking for a wide range of talent, from web developers to business developers!

Coachy: Learn a new skill online today! Coachy hosts and facilitates tutorial sessions on the web so it’s easy and practical for both the student and the coach. Want to learn to speak French? Play guitar? Improve your coding skills? Coachy has you covered. If you’re into the education and training space, Coachy wants to hear from you!

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