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We are proud to announce the official opening of our Autumn Semester.

Apply Here

Important dates:

  • 19th December 2011 – Applications for Autumn Semester officially open
  • 25th January 2012 – Applications close
  • 23rd – 25th January 2012 – Shortlist notified
  • 1st April 2012 – Autumn Semester begins.

Often we’re asked about what we look for in prospective businesses. The ideal is the right combination of both the founder and the idea. It’s not about the perfect founder or the perfect idea but rather a unique combination of the two to create that magic. To understand more about what Pollenizer is looking for, click here

We look forward to reading your application.
To apply to Pollenizer’s Autumn Semester, click here.
Contributions by Bree Clare
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