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For most  bootstrapped startups cash for a bookkeeper is often considered a luxury rather than a necessity and often only implemented when the business is well underway and the founder no longer has the time to maintain spreadsheets and a shoebox full of receipts. 

Working with Pollenizer will give you access to the Finance and Ops Team who get stuck in, set up your company, open a Saasu account and an online filing system full of processes, procedures, budgets and financial reports that will be a very valuable asset when your business is ready for investment at Series A level.

At the closing stages of completing an investment round for serious money from the big guys you will embark on the Due Diligence (DD) journey. Generally, there will be tight deadlines to make in order to make this happen and get the cash in the bank or potentially watch everything you have sweated tears over in getting your business to that stage fall over because you have run out of money to get to the next level.

At Pollenizer our Finance and Ops Team use:

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