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Summary: Pollenizer portfolio company Dealised offers white label group buying platform including support and documentation to make it work. More than 15,000 vouchers have been sold through the system, valued at over $5m.

Pollenizer is ready to unleash one of our portfolio companies upon the world.

White label group buying platform

A customisable, all-inclusive system to run daily deals, like Spreets and Groupon (valued at ~$4b).

The system is working fantastically, having sold more than 15,000 vouchers, valued at more then $5m in twenty cities in four countries.

Starting in this hot space looks easy. Having  a group buying business that really works is actually hard.

With Dealised, you get a plug-and-play platform that gives you;

(a) Front End – deal pages, buying deals, social promotion via Twitter and Facebook, emails, vouchers,

(b) Back End – deal management, analytics, and accounts

(c) Support and Documentation. As partners, the Dealised team will help you make it work. Together, we’ll work on getting deals, promotion and management of the business.

To make the most of Dealised, you will need to have access to a sales team and consumers. We typically partner with existing online media, directory & portal managers who are looking to increase revenue.

We offer Dealised to one licensee per vertical, per geography.

Dealised run businesses are currently operating in;

We are looking for partners to roll out Dealised and for strategic alliances with people who would like to join the team.

If you’d like to talk to the Dealised team, email us at

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