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Pollenizer wants to be a co-founder of your next web business.

Our goal: Invest our team and money in 10 web startups by June 30, 2011.

Pollenizer’s focus is on:

  • Startup, idea-stage web businesses,
  • In Australia,
  • Targeting consumers,
  • Commercially focused,
  • With a committed founder, with industry experience,
  • That need an experienced co-founder to invest time and money.

To clarify, Pollenizer only ever invests in businesses that we are already a shareholder in.

What do you get?

  • A majority shareholding.
  • A co-founder committed for two years.
  • A team of 15 in Australia and 55 in India across technology, marketing and business at your disposal.
  • Experience building over 80 web businesses, in ten countries, 100m users and $100m in revenue (portfolio).
  • A network of experts on call.
  • Access to our exclusive founders and friends discussion group.
  • Connection to Angel investors in Australia, Europe and USA (we’ve helped raised $5m in seed and angel investments in the past 12 months including Spreets).
  • Founder minimal viable income (in certain cases)

What does Pollenizer get?

  • 20-45% shareholding

Why Pollenizer?

  • We have a strong, committed team.
  • We have a reputation for integrity, action and results.
  • We are uniquely positioned between technology, entrepreneurialism and investment.
  • Our companies have already employed over 100 people.
  • We have made more than 14 investments, many outlined in our startup portfolio.

What is the process?

1. Starting Up

  • You come to a Startup Bootcamp. Held every few months.
  • You propose a partnership.
  • Pollenizer conducts basic due diligence on you and the business.
  • We sign an agreement and are co-founders for two years. (It’s all ‘we’ from here.)

2. Customer Development

  • We continue customer discovery and validation until confident.
  • We build out a minimal viable product and keep iterating until traction.
  • We get the company and ourselves investor ready, including pitch training.
  • We pitch the company until we raise capital from the right investors.

3. Growth

  • We put the team in place to grow the business towards profit.
  • Pollenizer transitions into advisory roles if required.
  • Exit or return on investment options are pursued.

Next Steps

If you’d like to talk to Pollenizer about being a co-founder in your next web business  contact us here.

If you’d like to invest in some of our web businesses, please contact us here.

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