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Australias best daily dealsAs many of you know, we’ve been helping Spreets get started, so we’re very excited to announce today that Spreets has launched to all Australian capital cities.

Read the media release below for more info:

Group buying site Spreets receives $2 million investment and joins forces with brandsExclusive in new billion dollar industry

Australia’s first group buying site Spreets ( has received $2 million in funding, with backing from two major European investors, Klaus Hommels and Oliver Jung.

Hommels, whose investments include Facebook and Skype, and Jung are currently concentrating their efforts on group buying sites around the world.

This new type of venture uses the power of social networks to offer significant discounts to consumers, while promoting local businesses. National deals start today with an offer from hip noodle-house Wagamama. Buy a $7 Spreets voucher and get $20 to spend in the restaurants. Groupon ( in the USA is the world industry leader, valued at more than $1 billion after just 18 months.

Leading Spreets are some of Australia’s most respected entrepreneurs, Dean McEvoy, Phil Morle and Justus Hammer. McEvoy’s first business, Booking Angel (, a restaurant booking system, was voted #7 in the BRW top100 web 2.0 businesses.

Previously CTO of music-sharing site Kazaa, Morle is now director of web venture incubator, Pollenizer ( Pollenizer is renowned for its ability to bring focus to ideas and help develop them into successful businesses.

Online marketing expert Justus Hammer, who helped build GetPrice ( into Australia’s leading shopping comparison site, gave up a senior position at Google to join the Spreets team. “I called Google up on what was meant to be my first day and told them I had a better offer. Spreets is a once in a lifetime opportunity”

Today, Spreets launches with a new design and announces an ongoing partnership with shopping club brandsExclusive ( brandsExclusive’s 350,000+ active members quickly benefit with instant access to Spreets offers nationwide. “We offer premium fashion and lifestyle products at up to 70% off,” says founder Daniel Jarosch. “So when we came across Spreets we knew it was the perfect fit”.

Spreets has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, with plans to open in Perth already underway. “In this competitive and fast-growing space we’re not just about daily deals, we’re about helping busy people discover things they never knew they loved,” says McEvoy.

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