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Uncovering Exponential Ideas in Energy

There’s a massive, consumer-led revolution kicking off in global energy with exponential uptake of home solar + battery systems promising to upend the traditional, centralised power grid model.

We partnered with Horizon Power, who responded to our blog post “Me, The Energy Company”. Their brief: find founders and create disruptive energy startups who can answer the question “where are the new opportunities in the brave new world of connected, micro-grid -powered energy?”

A community of hackers, hustlers and hipsters – determined to harness the consumer revolution happening in energy met at a microhack and now four founders are in incubation.

Checkout the highlights below.

What are exponential organisations, and why are they so important?

Horizon Power and microhack attendees talk energy and disruption

Watch how microhack attendees react to Energy.XO

The Future is waiting

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