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Tools We Made

We’ve created a series of helpful tools listed below. Designed to help founders like you.

Path to #MASSIVE

A quick tool to hep you think through your path to being #massive (change the game, make the world better, have impact)
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Lean Canvas

From one week to the next, this template assists you in tracking the progress of your experiments, goals and key metrics.
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Experiment Designer

Start validating your ideas today. With this template created for you to document and catalogue your experiments.
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Strategy Cards

Experiencing a creative block? Have these cards at the ready to help you shake loose and start back up again.
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Universal Pitch Deck

How would you describe your business to a stranger? Try using this tried and tested framework to build and refine your startup pitch.
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Habit Designer

A blueprint for you and your team to design user experiences that change the habits of your customers.
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Tools We Love

With an array of tools available across the internet, sometimes it’s hard to find the right solution for you. After many years of trialling, testing and working with tools to help us accelerate the growth and development of startups, we’ve compiled a selection of the most useful tools for testing, building, measuring and learning. Plus a few bonus tools to get you well on your way. Using the right tools frees you and your team up to move quickly towards validating your ideas and business model. Discover our handpicked favourites below.

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