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We are proud to announce our partnership with the national My Big Idea project!

A national initiative aiming to shape Australia’s tomorrow, My Big Idea is asking Australians to submit ideas to improve life in Australia, and vote on the ones that they feel passionate about.

Pollenizer’s Startup Science® content will power the 3-month Innovation Capability Program for 500 contributors nationwide, a program delivered in conjunction with Australian Futures Project and the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre UNSW.

Ten of the top 100 ideas will be chosen for further development by top corporate and university teams in a Corporate Incubation program designed and run by Pollenizer.

The Innovation Capability Program will commence in September of this year, with Corporate Incubation commencing in October.

Voting is open to the public until 10 August 2016. Register now on, vote for your top picks and help build a better future for Australia!

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