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Climate change, water and food quality, disease, pandemics, education, energy, pollution, transport…

To solve the global challenges confronting us, we need to get cutting-edge “Deep Tech” innovation out of the lab and into the world faster.

We believe that entrepreneurship is key to this, and Pollenizer is using Startup Science® in realms where traditionally only big companies, big institutions and governments have held sway to accelerate people and ideas.

We’ve got hundreds of people in the Energy.XO community with startups in incubation. Now it is time for Health.XO.

Connect, Build & Learn

First, XO (eXponential Organisations) is a community of entrepreneurs, business leaders, government change agents and scientists with a passionate interest in building the future. We hold regular events, focusing on key areas of deep tech innovation and provide the XO community with unprecedented access to ideas and networks that accelerate innovation. You don’t need to found a company with us to get involved, just come along and soak it up.

Technology hasn’t changed for 100 years but it is changing dramatically over the next 10, which causes us to think differently. We need to experiment and sometimes fail to determine what the right path is and what the wrong path is.

Frank Tudor

MD, Horizon


Household battery systems and solar photovoltaics are sparking a consumer-led revolution that promises to disrupt the ‘broadcast’ model of the traditional grid into something more akin to the internet’s distributed network model. Read more about Energy.XO.


Personalised, predictive, preventative medicine seems finally in reach – and just in time as health costs are set to spiral beyond our ability to afford them. We’re preparing to launch an event series examining breakthroughs in Health Tech. Our aim? To transform health outcomes for billions around the world.


Agriculture, aquaculture, distribution, preservation – no other area affects us physically as much as food (except perhaps air!) – and few other areas consume as much of the world’s resources, threaten its biodiversity, and could transform our health and well-being.

Will launch in 2017


Investment in space startups is spiking, triggered by a new generation of sensors, low-cost microsatellite technologies, and the potential of data from space to solve problems on earth. We’re partnering with Delta-V SpaceHub, Australia’s first space startup accelerator, to help unlock new growth for aerospace companies and launch new space startups.

Will launch in 2017

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