Earlier today, I received this picture (click on the thumbnail since it’s quite large and needs to be seen in its full splendor) from Xavier, a friend that’s a practicing Agile Coach and PM in Belgium. Xavier has just started a fantastic blog on visual management for agile teams, you should definitely check the first post out!

ScrumBoard from Xavier Quesada Allue

The picture of his taskboard is absolutely fantastic! It conveys an enormous amount of information in an aesthetically pleasing way, has all the metrics up there, on plain sight. I think we can learn a lot from it and from there, see how we can apply it to our work with our partner X-Minds and our clients. Remote working is very different and we can learn and do something new and innovative :) It’s a completely different ball-game when your team is widely distributed and finding out what works in co-located teams is a very valuable experience on which to build.