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It’s difficult, isn’t it?

To see what’s going on around you when you’re in the absolute middle of something.

Which things are right? Which things are factual?
Which things are just a hypothesis right now?

Evolved through our own observations building companies. As well as the great practice of Ash Maurya, Alex Osterwalder, Lean Startup Machine and Jim Collins, the Lean Canvas is the tool that we use to track our progress of Build; Measure; Learn. A process that is at the heart of Lean Startup.

This tool assists you in tracking the progress of your experiments, goals and key metrics. Whilst you develop a clear and honest picture of what’s going on around your product from one week to the next.

Here ‘s a very quick run through of how to use the Lean Canvas

Shared Learning


Friday 31st March 2017 was the last full time day for the all of team at Pollenizer including myself and Phil. We marked the occasion with two events. THE LAST POLLENIZER XPOLL At the last ever XPoll, Phil shared a presentation;  ‘Never stop eating your own dogfood....

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#fakenews My next job is to see that the amazingly talented Pollenizer team land new challenges that are BETTER than Pollenizer. Sorry for the clickbait, but I knew you would be curious about what I did next so I exploited how Facebook has re-wired your brain to love...

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SUMMARY This week, Pollenizer turned nine years old and it is time to make some changes. Pollenizer closing Melbourne and Sydney incubators, ceasing new consulting and education business as current engagements conclude. Directors will continue to support portfolio of...

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