It’s difficult, isn’t it?

To see what’s going on around you when you’re in the absolute middle of something.

Which things are right? Which things are factual?
Which things are just a hypothesis right now?

Evolved through our own observations building companies. As well as the great practice of Ash Maurya, Alex Osterwalder, Lean Startup Machine and Jim Collins, the Lean Canvas is the tool that we use to track our progress of Build; Measure; Learn. A process that is at the heart of Lean Startup.

This tool assists you in tracking the progress of your experiments, goals and key metrics. Whilst you develop a clear and honest picture of what’s going on around your product from one week to the next.

Here ‘s a very quick run through of how to use the Lean Canvas

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Welcome to your new role as Minister for Innovation. I am a big believer in your mission and hope you can keep it for longer than those that came before. You will need to convince your colleagues that innovation takes time. Explain to them it is a cliche that startups...

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