You may have seen the Lean Dashboard that we use to track the progress of our startups. Our mates at JFDI in Singapore have just shared a checklist for tracking the big questions. Can you answer these questions?

Can we confidently articulate the big vision briefly and at length?

Do we understand the problem domain as well as most experts?

Have we identified a specific first customer?

Do we bring new insight or design to the field?

Have we confirmed a specific user/customer problem or opportunity through interviews?

Have we built a solution that matches that problem?

Does the solution differentiate from other competitors through a UVP (unique value proposition)? Both sides of the platform.

Have we confirmed a channel to reach our market?

Do we understand the conversion mechanics of our sales funnel?

Can we confirm problem solution fit in the form of an MVP?

Traction and growth?

They track all of their companies side by side, measuring their progress relative to each other. Like Steve Blank’s ‘moneyball for startups’.


Thanks guys! Check out the rest of their blog here.