Startup Innovation for Big Companies

Pollenizer has applied the evolution of startups to develop a science of innovation that works for big companies. Corporations can use this to grow the profit centres of the future.

In a world that is more volatile, uncertain and complex, traditional business models like print, media and entertainment have been overturned

Corporations use Pollenizer’s proven science of innovation to:

  • Disrupt their industries before they are disrupted themselves
  • Fail fast, fail cheap, and learn quicker than their competitors; and ultimately
  • Grow the profit centres of the future.

Corporations are designed to optimise and scale value that already exists. Startup innovation is focused on discovering something that does not exist yet. Starting only with an idea, and figuring out what might actually work as a business model.

The Pollenizer Startup Science used to achieve this has been built over the past five years – launching over 30 businesses, and has had great successes including one big exit in 2011 (Spreets to Yahoo!7), three series A and eight angel rounds.

The first stage is Inception, which quickly gets an idea in front of customers and evolves it through an iterative process of building and learning.

New value is only realised by testing assumptions, measuring everything, learning fast, reacting quickly and validating with real customers.

Pollenizer has a number of products which can kickstart a corporations innovation strategy, and grow your team’s ability to repeatably innovate.

Pollenizer Academy

Send your team to learn professional lean startup innovation practices at Pollenizer in Sydney or Singapore. Maximum of 20 people in two day courses. More detail at Pollenizer Academy.

Input Send executives with a fire in their belly and a rough idea of what they would like to explore.
Output New skills immediately available to use internally on new product innovation.

Brilliant insights, tools and techniques. I feel much more confident about approaching new product concepts and reaching our consumers.

– Allan Waddell, Mi9

I feel more equipped and energised for innovation having completed the Building Lean Startups course.

– Steve Panetta, Fairfax Digital


Set a whole community upon your innovation challenges. Up to 100 multidisciplinary people (Product Managers, Designers, Engineers and Entrepreneurs) go through a two day process over two weekends to create new business concepts around your market, solve problems and unleash APIs.

Input A new API your company has developed, a new product that you want people to use, a problem you have in your model, a problem you have.
Output Business concepts you never would have thought of, potential new employees for your business, insight into how the outside world is thinking about disrupting your business.



A workshop with a senior member of the Pollenizer team to explore new ideas for your business. This can be facilitated by Pollenizer or with Pollenizer participating as part of a larger group.

Input Problems and Opportunities
Output New ideas on a process for inception that can be reused, more clarity on new directions and ideas.



A Pollenizer team builds one or more prototypes of a working business. This includes a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that demonstrates the utility of a business in action. Protopods work in monthly bursts. You can choose to make multiple prototypes (one per month) or go deeper with one idea for multiple months.

Input Output from Inception Workshops or Pollenizer Academy courses. Other material is possible as a starting point such as pre-baked wireframes and business plans.
Output A simple prototype version of a working business model. Design, Engineering and Product plus business model consulting from the Pollenizer team.


Inception Pod

A Pollenizer team iterates towards a working business model through the full Pollenizer process.

Input Output from Inception workshops, Pollenizer Academy courses or Protopod. Other material is possible as a starting point such as pre-baked wireframes and business plans.
Output A validated business model and working business, or clearly disproved model plus a team that can exit Pollenizer with the business in the event of progressing beyond.


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