Pollenizer has now been up and running in Singapore for about a month. We’ve been doing all the things you might expect for our first few weeks of work — introducing ourselves to key players in the ecosystem, flying to Sydney for some fast paced knowledge transfer, and sorting out the best lunch options around Block 71. (Not so many as it turns out, but we do like the nasi goreng stall).

Now that we are feeling a little bit more orientated, we think it’s high time to co-found a company! After all, it’s what we do. Plus, we don’t want the soon-to-be-transplanted Tiwala team to be lonely when they show up in our Singapore Hive. Of course, we can’t do it alone. Which is where you come in.

Here is a description of our typical co-founder:

  • Non-technical product or business visionary
  • Can act as the CEO and business lead
  • Able to acquire customers, build partnerships and help with capital raising
  • Has an attractive idea/problem space informed by deep domain expertise
  • Can invest capital into the business*

Is this a good description of you? If so, we hope you will fill out this form and share more about yourself and your startup dream. You can also email directly to isaac [at] pollenizer [dot] com, but if you choose that route please check out the form first so you know what kind of info we are looking for. We plan to launch our first “born in Singapore” company by October 1, so if you’re keen to join us then please send your pitch asap so we can consider it. To find out more about Pollenizer’s approach to co-founding, you can read this.

*Our strong preference is to work with co-founders who can invest alongside us. However, we also know that sometimes a great founder with a great idea doesn’t always have a big bank account. So if you don’t have money, please feel free to reach out anyway and if we like what you are pitching we can discuss creative ways to get moving.




  • Aranggi Soemardjan

    Glad you coming to Singapore!

    I want to build an open platform that helps smart-buyers make better easier smarter buying decision on the fly, help producers better understand consumers needs real time, and empower local neighborhood shops with a fighting chance. If succesful, this buyer-centric open platform will seriously dwarf the commercial value of Facebook.

    To realize this I need a capable partner in apps programming, cloud database, and IT startup. I have read about your fascinating program in Australia and to hear you come to Singapore is like a dream to me.

    I am a 38 y.o. expat sales marketing director with engineering background, made a few patents, 15 years operational experience in top 3 largest elevator multinational. I am writing a couple of my business plans, looking to transition out of comfort-zone, from big corporation to big blue ocean, and make amazing changes that really help people.

    I cannot wait to meet you and share ideas together!