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We all want to create the next big thing. But it takes courage to feel comfortable with risk and uncertainty. Having worked with startups for nearly a decade, we’ve seen time and time again that it’s this feeling that paralyses both entrepreneurs and large organisations when they should be acting.

That’s where Pollenizer’s Startup Science® is a game-changer. It gets people into the habit of disciplined entrepreneurship. The aim? Building something valuable that your customers will love.

Are you ready to be courageous, take entrepreneurial leaps and pursue big opportunities? Is your company ready?

Well there are dozens of books you can read. Or we can show you how we do it…

The Startup Science® Way
Our Startup Science® programs are the trigger for a new, entrepreneurial way of working. We combine the very best global thinking with the lessons we have learned from building hundreds of startups, and helping to transform many big companies across the Asia Pacific Region.

We believe action beats talking
Our simple yet powerful tools remove the barriers of excessive planning, and encourage action with the testing of assumptions.

We’re in the trenches with you
Our Startup Science® programs come with expert mentorship from early beginnings right through to proving a scalable business model. Our coaching ‘gold nuggets’ unblock teams, inspire them and set them off again with powerful new ideas about how to progress.

Transform company culture
Our programs deliberately incorporate support mechanisms that help people remain focused, motivated and resilient. We celebrate and reward a willingness to learn from both positive and negative findings, and build a culture of collaboration encouraging everyone to share their progress and problem solve together.

Scientific Approach
In the background, while all of this is going on we measure the pace of innovation by tracking metrics that capture how fast teams are learning and gaining momentum, and how well our programs are delivering results for our clients.

The Future is waiting

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