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Kickstart Ventures, Inc. and Pollenizer have been exploring the potential of a high-powered partnership in the technopreneurship space in the Philippines since the third quarter of 2012. In true lean fashion, we started with a “Minimum Viable Program” consisting of excerpts from the Pollenizer Academy — running workshops for selected leaders in the Philippine startup community, open events for the public, and intensive coaching sessions for Kickstart’s portfolio companies. We expanded this engagement in 2013 to co-opt Kickstart’s parent company, Globe Telecom, and are looking to imbue this large corporate with the same innovation agility more commonly found in small startups.

Pollenizer’s Startup Science approach is a great complement to the passionate intensity and creative spirit of Philippine startup founders. Together, we are building methodical execution capabilities that can drive greater discipline and market success; and we imagine that there are more synergies that Pollenizer and Kickstart can create together.” Minette Navarrete – President of Kickstart Ventures