Investors are a vital part of the Pollenizer universe and have supported the development of our companies, services and IP with $12M over the past three years. In 2010, we raised our first venture fund which we expanded the following year. In addition to this, our companies have successfully raised millions of dollars. We help our portfolio companies establish strong relationships with investors and believe in sharing progress along the way. A fascinating journey
for all.

Invest in Pollenizer

Pollenizer is a company that creates companies. The capital we raise invests in the portfolio of internet startups we create and in our core “startup science” products and services. In March, we will offer shares in the company.

Some of our current investors

We are proud to include some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and angel investors in our first investment fund and portfolio companies. The list includes:

Invest in our companies

Contact us if you would like to invest directly into our portfolio companies, become a member of Pollenizer to receive updates and watch out for investor events in Australia or Southeast Asia.