After reading this great blog post by Jason Cohen on Stealth Mode (thanks Pierre) I thought I’d share some other great UnStrategies for building startups.

*Sarcasm Filter On*

  1. Everyone is your customer. The bigger your market, the bigger your business. Make something for everyone to maximise the width of your funnel. Keeping it generic is the best way to make sure everyone can use it. To start with, just put it out there and see what comes back.
  2. First mover advantage is key. Once you tell more than 3 people, people will start copying you because the idea is so brilliant. What will startle most people is that no one had thought of it before.
  3. Once it’s built, it’s done. Don’t worry about bringing on tech people. You just need tech people to build it, then you can run it. Most web businesses can be updated every few years.
  4. Apps are easy money. You can get them done on Odesk for $500 and then make millions.
  5. Viral marketing is the best marketing. With just a twitter account and Facebook page people will start telling all their friends about you. Don’t spend a dollar on marketing.
  6. Research is fact. By doing focus groups and surveys you will be able to be sure that a business will work. Numbers don’t lie.
  7. .com means global. By having a .com and being online means that you are available in 186 countries.
  8. Free is unbeatable. How can someone not use a free product? They’d be stupid. It’s valuable and doesn’t cost anything.
  9. Patent NOW. One day Microsoft, Apple or Google (or all 3) will try and copy you and you’ll be able to sue them. Your first dollar spent should always be on lawyers.

*Sarcasm Filter Off*

Anything I missed?