Pollenizer builds brand new online ventures in Australia and South East Asia. We partner with founding investors, hackers, hustlers and corporates to provide capital, talent, knowledge and network to the venture building process.  Our process has evolved through 5 years of learning by working intimately with hundreds of startups. Unlike incubators and accelerators, Pollenizer is a co-founder for the life of a company.

We apply our lean startup process to an initial nine month phase, which provides each startup with capital, team, services and networks in order to achieve product/market fit.


We invest in engineers, product managers and sales people to become the founding team for each new startup. Teams get the opportunity to invest through sweat to earn real equity in brand new companies. We match interests with new opportunities, provide accelerated learning through lean startup processes and main-line teams into the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We do this while providing living expenses and the resources each team needs to win.

Corporate Venturing

Pollenizer has applied the evolution of startups to develop a science of innovation that works for big companies. Corporations can use this to grow the profit centres of the future. Find out more.

Founding Investors

We co-invest with entrepreneurs and experienced business people who have a deep understanding of an opportunity for a new venture and a network that provides their startup with an unfair advantage prior to launch. Connect with us via LinkedIn or through one of our Team Members, Alumni or investors if you would like to explore co-founding a business with us.