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What have I learnt? Recently I've been spending most of my time making follow-on investments and helping businesses raise capital. This can be an exhaustive and very time consuming process for founders, and also particularly stressful when your business is running low on cash and it is taking a long time to win over new investors. One particular company I am an investor in has taken almost 12 months to raise Series B capital. This


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During my 11 years working in the Mobile industry (1993-2004), I was amazed at the rapid speed in which mobile handset technology evolved. I fondly recall the first time my boss at Optus gave me my first mobile. It was an Ericsson GH197, a big old thing with an aerial that kind of flipped up and down like an arm. A veritable brick compared to today's phones, but at the time it was the coolest phone ever.

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  We are on the hunt for awesome startup CEOs to work with of our pods (lean startup teams). What this means is that Pollenizer is looking for high calibre individuals who would be interested in exploring opportunities to partner with us on a new venture as a co-founder (your business idea or ours). Note: this would involve investing your $'s alongside our $'s - so that we are equally aligned as partners on any

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I decided to get into Angel investing because I believe that the next best thing to being the founder of a successful business, is to be an investor in a successful business. I'm not the sort of person who is likely to lock myself in a room and spend hours learning how to write simply isn't in my DNA. All my life I have enjoyed interactions with people, usually in the capacity of marketing

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