There is so much game theory in product design. Here is a terrific, yet slightly disturbing, journey through our game-packed world.

As difficult as it may seem, you need to know this if you make consumer web products. Especially if you want to make revenue.

My question to you: Can we design authenticity and depth into digital product design or will it always be one-step removed? I like to think that we can.

  • Phil Morle

    Good or bad, we need to know this stuff and understand it.

  • Pierre Sauvignon

    Excellent! Gold in so many ways… Can’t wait to build these apps ;)

  • Phil Morle

    Challenge to myself: Find a way for users to feel this in the next product I design: Do you know what I mean?

  • Chris McLay

    He had me until he started talking about the future, then he seemed to go backwards.

    All worth considering though…